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Fee structure

Fee structure depends on length of appointments. Standard appointments last for 50 minutes, and with Alison are charged at a rate of £120, with Sara are charged at £100, with Karyn are charged at £90, and with Ashleigh, Dylan and Emma are charged at a rate of £60.

Treatment with Alison Harper may be financed through Private Health Insurance, and she is registered with most companies. Please ensure you have made contact with your insurance provider prior to starting treatment as it is important that you get authorisation from your provider before treatment starts. Treatment with Sara, Ashleigh, Dylan, Emma and Karyn is only available if you are self-funding.

Method of Payment – Go Cardless

A direct debiting mandate is required to be completed before/after the initial assessment and payment will be taken from your bank account. Prior notification of charge will be sent to you. Please note that we do not accept cash payments.

Cancellation Policy

Clients are kindly requested to give a minimum of 48 hours notice of any cancellations. The full fee is payable if sufficient notice is not given.